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Re-imagined War Cry

Re-imagined War Cry

Welcome to the first edition of our new-look magazine. This magazine has been produced with you, our reader, in mind. We have taken your views and requests to heart and included new columns, ideas and also opportunities for reader engagement.

Over the past two years, we have all undergone significant changes due to the pandemic. This has had a dramatic effect on many hard-copy publications throughout our four nations. Many other denominations’ hard-copy publications have ceased and are now solely online. Many main-stream magazines have stopped publishing altogether as subscriptions declined and printing and delivery became difficult over various lockdown seasons.

The Communications Department was already planning for a more online-focused, multi-media model for publishing our content. The plans we were tentatively putting in place became imperative, as overnight at the first lockdown we found ourselves moving to a solely online publication. The team responded to the challenge and War Cry was uploaded on schedule. Once back in the office after lockdowns, planning started in earnest, and this resulted in the magazine you are now reading.

Many aspects of the previous War Cry have been retained. We will still tell the stories of our people, corps, centres and our mission. We still have encouragement from our leaders. We still have a recipe. What’s new is the combination of a hard-copy magazine with additional online content. For example, some stories will end with a link and an invitation to access more information. If you follow the link with your phone or device, it will take you to our online web page where you will be able to read the magazine online, but also access ongoing news and further content with links to videos, podcasts, articles and international Army news.

I hope and pray that this magazine will be a blessing to you. I encourage you to share this resource with your friends and family. We often hear from people outside of the Army who have picked up a War Cry and connected with a testimony, a story or a reflection.

I welcome your feedback and suggestions, but also your photos, letters, crafts and stories. Please email: [email protected]


Vivienne Hill, Editor

The magazine can be viewed either as an online magazine on Issuu, or the bulk of the articles, news, and shorter reflections (Grace Notes) have been added into their various sections.

Magazine Contents

Cover Story

A Life of Service Remembered: This year marks 50 years since the passing of Captain Shirley Millar while on missionary service.

Faith Story

Holding onto God in Grief: Brendan Daly shares with us a time of extreme grief in his family’s life, and the presence of God in this period.


Standing in the Unknown: Deconstruction and Reconstruction: Faith sometimes involves letting go of beliefs that don’t match our understanding of God: deconstruction.

Exposing a Message: Photographer Sierra Pruitt explains to Sarah Olowofoyeku how she honours the art form of photography, how she got her start on Instagram and what being behind the lens means to her.

Kai Connects Community: The Salvation Army is launching a food security framework to better support our communities.

Save the Date: Major Sue Hay reflects on Jesus’ Save the Date parable of the generous host.

Significant Things: Salvation Army staff talk about a significant object in their workspace.

Grace Notes

In the Long Run

War Cry in History

Captain (Dr) Murray Stanton


Book: What if Jesus was Serious?

Podcast: The Place We Find Ourselves

Music: Collect

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