New Bikes for Kenya West Lieutenants

New Bikes for Kenya West Lieutenants

Kenya West Territory has purchased 31 bicycles for the lieutenants of the Messengers of Reconciliation session, which was funded by New Zealand International Development, private donors and contributions from retired officers.

The bicycles were presented to the new lieutenants at their commissioning and ordination by the Territorial Leaders of Kenya West Territory in a joyous occasion, which included dancing and celebrations—and very happy and grateful lieutenants.

Divisional Headquarters and the homes of corps members in the Kenya West Territory are scattered, meaning the lieutenants need a mode of transport that is affordable, as catching a regular bus can be expensive for them.

The bicycles will help the lieutenants further their mission of evangelism, reaching more people in their community with the gospel.

Having the bicycles is also a way for the officers to be independent and to find solutions to challenges. It is empowering for the lieutenants to be able to use their own bicycles without depending on others for help travelling to places.

The bicycles were funded after a call out for support from Kenya West Territory, in which external supporters in New Zealand generously helped to fund the project.

Salvationists from Kenya West Territory are thankful for New Zealand’s unwavering support over the years to further the mission of The Salvation Army.

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