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Art + Faith

Art + Faith

Faith/Art/Culture | Makoto Fujimura |Yale University Press

This beautifully written book by renowned Japanese American artist Makoto Fujimura intersects art, faith and culture, carefully woven together to create this small masterpiece. Makoto uses the Japanese art form Kintsugi to illustrate the value of brokenness and God’s ability to line the broken seams with gold and precious material in order to recreate a broken vessel. NT Wright’s foreword says of Makoto’s work: ‘From broken teacups to broken lives and broken societies—mending is part of making, and making is part of God’s redemptive purposes’. Themes of newness in creation, Christ’s tears in the cultural river and the creative nature of God are some of the highlights. A wonderful addition to any library, this book comes highly recommended. (Reviewed by Vivienne Hill)

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