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April 2023

Official Engagements

Commissioners Mark (Territorial Commander) and Julie Campbell (Territorial President of Women’s Ministries)

5 April: Spiritual Day SFOT Fiji (online)

7–8 April: Easter Camp, Hamilton

9 April: Auckland City Anniversary, celebrating 140 years

20–23 April: Visit to Northern Area, Auckland

30 April: Visit to Thames Corps

Lt-Colonel Liz Gainsford (Territorial Secretary of Spiritual Life Development)

No appointments at this time.

Colonel Gerry Walker (Chief Secretary)

7–9 April: Auckland City Anniversary, celebrating 140 years.

19–25 April: Visit to Samoa


Promotion to Glory: We have received word of the promotion to Glory of Major Filikesa Vakavanua Bogi on 19 February 2023 from Suva Hospital, Fiji, aged 63 years. On 12 February 2001, Filikesa and Sesenieli became regional envoys and were appointed as assistants to Labasa Corps, Fiji Division. This was followed with an appointment to Suva Central Corps with responsibility for Nasinu Corps in 2002. In January 2003, Filikesa and Sesenieli were appointed as assistant officers to Regional Headquarters in January 2003. Filikesa and Sesenieli entered Fiji Training College in 2003 in the Bridgebuilders session. Following their commissioning on 4 December 2004, Captains Filikesa and Sesenieli Bogi were appointed corps officers, Ba Corps. In 2010, they were appointed as corps officers, Nadi Corps and Corps Officers, Suva Central Corps in 2014. In 2016, Filikesa was appointed divisional Court and Corrections Services officer and chaplain, Suva Court and Prison and it is from this appointment that Major Filikesa Bogi has been promoted to Glory. We honour Major Filikesa Bogi for his faithful duty towards his family, village/community, church and as a true citizen. Filikesa was known for his joyous spirit, his caring, his love, patience, diligence and loyal service to His Lord. E dau kilai o Talatala Filikesa Bogi E dau yalo dina ka sega ni dau guce na nona qarava na nonai tavi e na nona matavuvale, vanua, lotu kei na matanitu. E dau yalo dina ka sega ni dau guce na nona qarava na nonai tavi e na nona matavuvale, vanua, lotu kei na matanitu. E kilai na nona bula ni turaga dau mamarau, veikauwaitaki, dau loloma, dau vosota ka colata galugalu tu na nona I tavi e na veigauna kece sara. Please support Major Sesenieli Bogi, their children Maciu and Rupeni and extended family members in your prayers at this time of grief and loss. The funeral service for Major Filikesa Bogi was held at The Salvation Army Suva Central Corps, Suva, Fiji, on Friday 24 February 2023. The service was be conducted by Major Iliesa Cola. Well done, good and faithful servant, go with God’s favour. Sa mai coki nai coco ni veiqaravi, mo ni qai gole e na vakacegu na sotia qaqa ni Mataivalu ni Veivakabulai.

Lt-Colonel Ruth Knight was promoted to Glory on Sunday 5 March 2023 from Ocean View Residential Care, Otaki Beach, aged 82 years. Ruth Angeline Stone was born in Devon, England on 12 March 1940. Ruth married Rodney Knight on 26 September 1959 and together they entered The Salvation Army Training College from Christchurch City Corps on 15 March 1960 as cadets in the Greathearts session. Following their commissioning on 21 January 1961, Pro-Lieutenants Ruth and Rodney were appointed corps officers, Paeroa Corps. Appointments as corps officers followed to Miramar Corps (1962), Dannevirke Corps (1964), and Naenae Corps (1967). In 1969, Ruth and Rodney were appointed as divisional youth officers, Southern Division, followed by an appointment as divisional youth secretaries, Canterbury/Westland Division in 1972. Remaining in the Canterbury/Westland Division, Ruth was appointed as assistant officer, Public Relations in 1975 and then in 1978 as director, Divisional Women’s Organisations, with an additional appointment as The Salvation Army’s National Representative, Fellowship of the Least Coin. With a move to Territorial Headquarters for Ruth and Rodney in 1980, Ruth was appointed as Territorial Red Shield Guide Organiser. Whilst in this appointment, Ruth and Rodney experienced the great sadness in the sudden promotion to Glory of their son Michael, a first year cadet with his wife Suzanne (Major Suzanne Stevenson), in 1987. In 1989, Ruth was appointed to the Territorial Public Relations Department as supervisor, donation management. Divisional Leadership followed in 1995 when Ruth and Rodney were appointed as divisional leaders to the Canterbury North-West Division, Ruth as divisional director of Women’s Organisations. It is from this appointment that Ruth and Rodney retired on 14 January 1999. In her retirement Ruth was chaplain to Bethany Eventide Home, Papanui, Christchurch for 5 years. Lt-Colonel Rodney Knight was promoted to Glory on 22 August 2005. We honour Lt-Colonel Ruth Knight for her 38 years as an active officer and her continued faithful service in retirement in Christchurch City Corps and Tawa Corps. Please uphold Ruth’s children Gavin and Rodney and their extended family at this time of grief and loss. A celebration of Lt-Colonel Ruth Knight’s life was held on Monday 13 March 2023 at The Salvation Army Tawa Corps. The service was be conducted by Lt-Colonel Ron Brinsdon. A livestream of the funeral service is available through the Tawa Corps Facebook page, Tawa Salvation Army. Well done good and faithful ‘Greatheart’ of Jesus Christ!

Bereavement: Elsie (Margaret) Hill, the mother of Captain Fiona Stuart, was promoted to Glory on Sunday 26 February 2023, from Annaliese Resthaven Resthome in Kaiapoi. The service celebrating Margaret’s life took place at The Salvation Army Dunedin City Corps, on Friday 3 March 2023. The service will be conducted by Captains Fiona and Rance Stuart. We ask you to uphold Captains Fiona and Rance Stuart, along with other family members in your prayers during this time of grief and loss.

Janet Moody, mother of Major David Moody and grandma of Lieutenant Christopher Moody, was promoted to Glory on Friday 10 March 2023, from Northhaven Retirement Village and Care Home, in Red Beach, Auckland, aged 77 years. A service celebrating Janet’s life took place at The Salvation Army Hibiscus Coast Corps, Red Beach, Hibiscus Coast, Auckland, on Thursday 16 March 2023. The service was conducted by Lieutenant Blair Dale. We ask you to uphold Majors David and Alison Moody, Lieutenants Christopher and Alannah Moody, along with other family members in your prayers during this time of grief and loss.

Appointments: Captains Rachel and Simon Montgomery have an additional appointment as Chaplains, Blue Mountain Adventure Centre.

Effective 20 March 2023, Major Bruce Aldersley has been appointed as  Mission Officer, Bridge and Oasis Auckland.

Effective 17 April 2023, Envoy Anihera Carroll has been appointed to Te Whare Wananga o nga toa Whakaora (Booth College of Mission) as Pou Arahi (Māori Cultural Advisor).

International Service Appointment: Effective 4 April 2023, Lt-Colonel Russell Malcolm. The territorial commander is pleased to announce the following international service appointment, which has been approved by the chief of the staff. IHQ International Audit and Finance specialist, Business Administration Department.

Births: Congratulations are extended to Majors Annette and Perry Bray on the safe arrival of their first grandchild, Jack Perry Woods. Jack was born in Invercargill on Wednesday 8 March 2023, weighing 7lb 2oz (3.23 kgs). We join with his parents Christina and Jonathan Woods, and grandparents Majors Annette and Perry Bray, as they celebrate the birth of Jack, and pray God’s blessing on them all. 

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